Faery Strange Stories from the Forest

New from Denessa Statler-Wilson

Just in and available through our store (here) is Denessa's brand new published book called "Grasshopper's Song".
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A story about friendship and changes.

How we can cope with feelings in a good way,

even through uncertain times.

When we can't be together, how do we

show someone that we care?

In this tale we see how reaching out to

help one another strengthens our relationships

and builds one another up.

This book has a profound and unexpected richness

to it. An innocence in Faith that exists for us to share.

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Huginn Moon ~

A Kenku Night Thief

Huginn glided sure footed through the forest. Light filtered through branches high above and lighted his way to the Standing Stone.

This secret place knew him well, he was a welcome Traveler. Many times he had journeyed between time and space through this portal, doing business with the Outer Realm.

This time would be different.

This time he would be in control. No more a servant or a bottom dweller. For He, Huginn Moon alone had found the Time Turner. He held in his claw, Destiny.

And here he was Finally, at a great precipice.

Confront the One who took his wings.

Through his plan, he would take them back.

He would FLY.

For the first time in his life, he would taste freedom.

His people would have their revenge, their rightful possessions returned.

And they would bow down in praise of him.


The Great Olly Shamwowee ~

the Cypress Tree Dragon


The Great Olly Shamwowee the Cypress Tree Dragon was hobbling along his old path.
He loved his cheery Florida Swamp and all of the magic found therein. Everyday he scoured the forest floor for useful herbs, trinkets and treasures that had been dropped at the boat launch and sprinkled around his Territory by other creatures and Folks.
Today he found a new Plant. It was different from all of other flora and fauna of his vast  knowledge. 
It seemed to smile sweetly at him from the undergrowth.
His heart leapt in his throat and started thudding to life.
He felt a youthfulness return to his gnarled body.
He smiled back, and gleefully dug around the base of this wondrous plant creature.
He would love it all his happy days.

Fae Dragon of Time

This be the Fae Dragon of Time. Where new growth takes place and Memory is revered. There is a place in the woods where a new Oak grows within the remains of a creature.  And therein lies a Beauty. 

This whimsical art doll is a reminder,  to not take oneself TOO SERIOUSLY. 

Live, laugh, love:)


Halieus Fantasticus ~

The Brownie Fisherman

A long time ago, Halieus was just a young Brownie living near a home in the woods. He had alot of fun at this house, and the people there would leave out treats and drink for him and his friends, most of the time. 
As time went on, the people who lived there kept forgetting, and though he and his friends kept playing tricks on the people (hiding their keys, opening cupboard doors, turning off lights) the people forgot about the Brownies and eventually left the house.
Abandoned, the house laid empty for years. 
All of Halieus' Brownie friends left for other homes, but not Halieus. He stayed and committed himself to becoming the best darn fisherman that any in the Faery Strange Forest ever heard of.
And he did just that. 
He tried and tried and practiced and practiced and learned to catch so many fish for the whole of the Faery Strange Forest that the Fae Elders gave him the name of Halieus Fantasticus!!!
As per any master of a craft, when they get older, they teach their craft to the younger generation. Halieus has done just that, teaching the many young Brownies and Fae to be fisherman. 
Halieus, now an elder, is ready to go to a new home and live out the rest of his days with people that will love and give treats.